I finished my 1st week of teaching at DPU! Thursday I got a call saying I was 20 minutes late for a class I was supposed to teach, but the class wasn’t on my schedule! Turns out the head English teacher had been hearing lots of good reports about my classes and decided to give me 2 more classes, but forgot to tell me about them! If I had taken both classes I would have had 11 classes, or about 330 students, so I said I could take one of the classes, so now I’m teaching 10 classes a week! I’m excited for the work, and the opportunity to meet and help all these students. I am also tutoring 5 9 year old girls on saturdays, who are daughters of teachers at the university. They are super cute, and that will be a fun class!
Since I had such a crazy week, and because I still needed things for my apartment, 3 of my wonderful students took me to Ikea! It was a 40 minute bus ride there, and then we spent a couple hours wandering through the store! we also ate some donuts, almond cake, and Swedish meatballs!



We had a blast wandering around the store, finding things we needed, or maybe didn’t need but wanted!

Then after we got everything, including a laundry drying rack and a mattress pad, we had to take the bus back!!! That was crazy, because the bus was much busier on the way back, and the Chinese don’t have silly things like fire codes to say how many people can be on a bus, so we were jammed into that bus like sardines, mattress pad roll, blue Ikea bags, and all!!!

Now its time to put all my new dishes away, make my bed so nice and soft, and get ready for classes next week!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Lots of Love from China! Ash




About Ashley

I, Ashley, am going to teach English in China for a year, and this is for people to keep up with all my adventures! I am a bright and colorful person, who always loves a new things, and now everyone can keep up with me on my newest trip!

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  1. So neat that your students are helping you so much. Wow 5 little girls on Sat. You really have your hands full. Are you saving any time to enjoy the country? Did you feel the earthquakes the other day? Thought about you first when I heard about them.

    • There are 2 national week long holidays, one in October and one in May, and then I have about 6 weeks in January/February so I plan to travel a lot then! I might be going to southern China for the week in October! I didn’t feel the earthquakes at all, they were in the south.

  2. Dude that’s awesome shopping already! Lol so is ikea like bed bath and beyond. Never heard of it. Lol anyway that’s gray they put in more classes to teach! Well glad too hear you’re having a lot if fun! Just don’t get behind grading papers lol :p ttyl. Love you! Hug 🙂

  3. So glad to hear you are getting settled in! The bus ride sounds crazy, and sounds like you are going to leave quite an impact on China! We think of you all the time! Love Aunt Carol & Uncle Mike

  4. Well, those Swede’s do get around, huh? Glad to hear you are making friends that you can trust to take you places. Don’t get lost! I understand south China is a bit more conservative than the north. I will be praying for safe travels with lots of positive experiences. Keeping up on the teaching of 300 students is a challenge, but you are there dear lady. I miss your excitement on Thursday mornings with the ladies. love ya

    • Thanks Belva!! I’m so glad I have all these students that want to do things with me, it makes things a lot easier! But they also understand how important it is to me to learn Chinese, so they are helping me with that too!
      I heard you are having a prayer and share retreat this weekend! Have fun!!!

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