I can never be a vampire.

Hello Hello! Autumn Break is over, and school is back. The last part of my break was very nice; I went to the Dalian Zoo with some of my students, and also had dinner with my teaching supervisor and his wife and daughter. I’ll talk about dinner first since as you are reading this you are still probably trying to figure out what on earth that title means!
So I went to dinner with Joe and his family, and they took me to a restaurant at a hotel. When we walked in, they showed us to our table, but instead of sitting down, we then went to another part of the restaurant that was sectioned off. There, I found long tables with many different dishes on them. I was told we look at the ingredients on each plate and pick the ones we want, and then they are cooked and brought to us. As I was looking at all the different plates, Betty, Joe’s 9 year old daughter who speaks a little bit of English grabbed my hand and pulled me over to a bucket. Inside the bucket were live frogs, and I really hoped I didn’t end up eating one! There were dead fish laid out on a counter, like a butcher shop, and live fish swimming in aquariums on the wall. The whole place was quite different, but a pretty cool experience. We sat down and ate our food, and for the most part, everything seemed pretty normal. There were fried fish, and when the plate was sat on the table, they sat it in front of me, and had not cut the heads off before cooking the fish, so the entire dinner I felt like there were fish staring at me! Everything was delicious, until Joe’s wife put a slice of something red on my plate and poured some garlic sauce on it. I took a bite, and it was mushy, and bitter, and tasted pretty awful. I asked what it was, and I was told it was solidified Pig’s Blood. Now I know I can never be a vampire because eating blood was nasty, but I can add it to the list of things I have tried!!! I can also now say I have eaten a fish tail, which was actually not as bad as I imagined it would be, and fully supports the theory that everything tastes better when its fried!

As I mentioned before, I also went to the Zoo! It was really fun, and interesting to see how Zoos are run here. It was divided into 2 parts, one section with birds and smaller animals, and then the other section was called the safari park, and not only did it have the more exotic animals, but the enclosures were huge, and you just walked along and saw the animals roaming around. The animals had plenty of room, more than they would have at a zoo in the states, so that was nice to see. To get from one side of the zoo to the other, there was a tram, that was a lot like an enclosed ski lift that took us over the mountain to the other side of the park. It was gorgeous, and nice to see the whole city.

The main exhibit we went to see was one that just opened October 1st, the Panda exhibit!!!!!! I was super excited, because I have loved pandas ever since I wrote my 1st book report ( at least the 1st one I remember writing) on pandas.



Now that school is back I have had a chance to meet the other foreign teachers that work at the University. They work with another school within the University, so it took me a while to meet them, but I’m glad that I have. They do a lot together as a group, especially on the weekends, and its great to have friends that can relate to the experiences I am having here!

Lots of love from China, Ashley


About Ashley

I, Ashley, am going to teach English in China for a year, and this is for people to keep up with all my adventures! I am a bright and colorful person, who always loves a new things, and now everyone can keep up with me on my newest trip!

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  1. Loved the pictures. The restaurant sounds interesting. I love tasting new thing but not sure I would do the Pigs blood. All those English names? Do they go by them or do you just give them names?

    • Most of them already had English names, and my students who didn’t have one, I gave them one. And they go by them when they are talking in English. I introduce myself as An Shi Li, which is the Chinese equivelent of my name when I am talking to people who dont speak English, because its easier for them to pronounce.

  2. Hi Ashley, sounds like you are really enjoying you time in China. About that picture of you infront of the panda. It looks like it has a costume on. There’s a reflection from the glass inclosure of someone who has a spotted dress on that covers the panda. Cute!
    I’ve eaten a lot of fried blood in my life time. That’s what makes the very best brown gravy from fried meats such as liver, beef, pork and wild meats. Yummmm!
    Glad you are having a time of your life learning all about the culture and people.
    Take care. You are thought of and loved.

  3. Hey Ash – loved the post – keep them coming! The fried blood sounds pretty strange – but I love a rare steak – so I would think the flavor would be good. Not sure about consistency! Not much new here – shorter days and football. Uncle Mike and I are headed to Disney next week – we’ve never been there. Love Aunt Carol

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