Qing Ming update

Hello everyone! Spring is finally starting to peak through! I’ve started classes again. We celebrated my birthday, whic was great! On my birthday, the building manager made me hand made noodles, because you are supposed to eat long noodles on your birthday to have a long life, and she made sure that I knew I was not supposed to eat rice. I didn’t exactly understand her explanation, but she kept saying rice, and putting her fingers together, so I’m pretty sure since rice is so small, if you eat it on our birthday you will have a short life. Needless to say, I did not eat rice on my birthday!!! On the weekend, I went with my friends to KTV. I had heard about it but never experienced it, and decided that my birthday was the perfect time!! KTV is kareoke, but you have your own private room so no one can hear you sing… The Chinese are very serious about their singing…. People go sit by themselves for hours and just sing!!! It was a blast, and we laughed at all the crazy English songs they had to choose from!
Classes have been going well, I have mostly the same students, and that’s nice!
The craziest thing that has happened lately is that I cracked my tooth, had to go to the dentist, and ended up needing a root canal!!! I was super scared about having a root canal in China, where I wouldn’t know what was going on…. The dentist said that right then they were going to take away the pain. I didn’t know that meant they were going to do the root canal right then and there until they were half way through! So it ended up being a lot better than I imagined. I have been teaching the dental assistants English words for things, and they have been teaching me the Chinese.
This weekend is 请 明, which is read Qing (Ching) Ming, and means tomb sweeping festival. It is a time to remember the dead, and clean those graves after winter. It also means 3 day weekend so I am off to meet some friends in Qingdao, a city that was settled by Germans, across the bay. If any of you have ever drunk Tsing Tao beer, very popular in Chinese restaurants, this beer is from Qingdao. I’m hoping to get to use my German this weekend, and I’m excited to see another part of china!
Lots of Love and belated Happy Easter!!


About Ashley

I, Ashley, am going to teach English in China for a year, and this is for people to keep up with all my adventures! I am a bright and colorful person, who always loves a new things, and now everyone can keep up with me on my newest trip!

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